Tarot T15 T18 Upper Plate and Lower Plate TL18T03

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  • Tarot T15 T18 Upper Plate and Lower Plate TL18T03
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The T18 upper plate and lower plate is applicable to T18 folding UAV drone integration assembly. The plate adopts imported Toray 3K pure carbon fiber woven fabric by high temperature and high pressure prefabricated full CNC precision machining, 2.5MM thickness of pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber board quality beyond the conventional commercial products. It has the characteristics of high flatness, light weight, creep resistance, high compressive strength and strong shock resistance. The comprehensive performance exceeds the requirements of the high-strength first-class performance index of carbon fiber strip plate in national standards. The overall shape design has a strong viewing angle impact. The cover plate is self-locked on the carbon fiber board with the M3 pan/tilt nut, which does not need to be fastened with a wrench. The thread structure adopts a unique design self-locking thread technology, which has excellent resistance to lateral vibration, and fundamentally solves the problem of looseness under vibration.


Package Included:
Pure carbon fiber upper plate x 1 (301 × 209 × 2.5MM)
Pure carbon fiber lower pate x 1 (301 × 225 × 2.5MM)
M3 pan/tilt nut/silver TL100A02-01×10

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