Tarot Mini 256x192 Thermal Imaging Camera TL300M6

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mini infrared thermal imaging camera
20 colors change
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  • Tarot Mini 256 Thermal Imaging Camera TL300M6
  • Tarot Mini 256 Thermal Imaging Camera TL300M6
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Frequently Bought Together
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Tarot's newest mini thermal imaging camera is designed with an all aluminum body for durability;
Ultra-small size and ultra-light weight can be perfectly used with all types of multi-rotor drones,fixed-wings,unmanned vehicle,unmanned boat and fpv racing drones;
25Hz frame rate is clear and smooth without lagging,AV video output without latency;
Suitable for various fields such as search and rescue,power overhaul,agriculture,security and etc.

Operating Voltage: 5V
Typical Power Consumption:  Approx. 400mW @25℃
Communication lnterface: UART
video Output Type: AV/PAL
Resolution: 256*192
Lens Type: 7.0mm F1.0
FOV(Horizontal x Vertical): 24.8°×18.7°
Momentary Fov: 1.69 mrad
Object Detection Distance: Person:892m,Vehicle: 292m
Object ldentification Distance: Person: 224m, Vehicle: 73m
Object Verification Distance: Person: 112m, Vehicle: 36m
Pixel Spacing: 12μm
Detector Frame Frequency: 25Hz
Response Band: 8~14μm
Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference: ≤50mK@25C,F#1.0
False Color: 20 colors/  +- One click switching
Temperature Range: -20℃~+ 55℃
Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~+60℃
Size: 26mm*25mm*28mm
Weight: 28.7g

Package Included:
Tarot 256 Thermal Imaging Camera(28.7g) ×1
6P wiring(10mm) ×1

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