Tarot T18 1270mm UAV Foldable Octocopter Frame TL18T00

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  • Tarot T18 1270mm UAV Foldable Octocopter Frame TL18T00
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Frequently Bought Together
  • Description

Product Description:

  • Designed for UAV Aerial Photography. Perfect for light capacity, long time, and large range job; for example, RC monitoring, aerial researching, measure sketching, farm developing etc.
  • Applicable to 5DII, RED EPIC, C300, FS700.
  • Toray 3K carbon fiber applied, CNC processed. Light weight, high strength, vibration resistant.
  • Battery mount is detachable, prevent crash damage.
  • Metal clamp is 40 dovetail designed, with a strong clamping force.
  • Foldable boom is applied with self-tightening thread structure.
  • Light weight motor mount is CNC processed, double color appearance, brings strong visual focus.
  • Standard mount rod diameter is 12MM. Applicable to gimbals with center distance 165MM.
  • Standard equipment: Foldable GPS mount, 8 in 1 aggregator, and multi-copter foldable landing gear.

Difference between TL18T00 and TL15T00:
Mounting distance extended from 155MM to 165MM. Wider center plate. The shaft of TL18T00 is longer, applicable to 17-18 inches propellers and 5008/340KV motor [TL96020].


Parameter configuration requirements:

  • Boom diameter: 25MM
  • Distance between axis diameter: 1270MM
  • Kit diameter: 1320MM
  • Height: 420CM
  • Center plate: 301x209x2.5MM
  • Motor mounting pitch:16MM/ 19MM/ 25MM/ 27MM equilateral triangle installation.
  • Propeller specification: 17-18 inch propeller
  • Brushless Motor: 5008/340KV, TL96020
  • Battery: 6S 22.2V 15000-20000MHA
  • Brushless ESC: 35-40A
  • Mounting boom diameter: 12MM
  • Weight with full accessories: 11KG
  • Kit Weight: 2.0KG


  • T15/T18 Battery Mount [TL15T01] x2
  • T15/T18 Aluminum Bolt [TL15T02] x2
  • T15/T18 Metal Reinforcement Plate [TL15T03] x1
  • T18 UAV center plate [TL18T03] x1
  • Pure Carbon Boom for T18 [TL18T01] x4
  • Pure Carbon Boom for T18 [TL18T02] x4
  • T15/T18 Foldable Oct-copter Mount [TL15T06] x2
  • Foldable Mount for GPS Antenna [TL15T08] x1
  • T810/T960 Foldable Landing Gear Set [TL96013] x1
  • Multi-copter Spacing Shim / 4 pieces [TL96021] x4
  • T810/T960 Gimbal Hanging Parts [TL96014] x1
  • 8 in 1 Aggregator [TL100B14] x1
  • Metal Clamping Holder for Multi-copter [TL9605] x8
  • 25MM Motor Mount for Multi-copter/ Orange [TL9602] x2
  • 25MM Motor Mount for Multi-copter/ Black [TL9603] x6
  • Titanium contact file x1
  • Water sticker x8
  • Color sticker x2
  • Velcro sticker x2
  • Instruction x1
  • Spare screw pack x1
  • Color Box x1
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