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Frequently Bought Together
Frequently Bought Together
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More and more customers ask Custom drones recently.

What we can offer:

1. Assembling and Tuning the existing drones on our website. 
1.1 You send the wishlist (drone frame kit, motor, esc, propeller, flight controller, radio, transmitter, camera, vtx and etc) to us, we will check whether they are compatible. 
1.2 If everything is OK, we will calculate the total price and tell you. 
Note: For the RTF of the multi-rotors, the size of the parcel is quite big, so the shipping might be a little expensive. 
1.3 You paid for it, and we will prepare the items for you. The technician will do the assembling and tuning work.
1.4 The technician will take the drone out to test, we will send the related pictures and videos to you.
1.5 After you confirm everything is OK. We will pack and send the items out. 

2. Drones for Industrial Applications 
2.1 Tell us where you want to use the drone and your requirements for the drone, such as the payload, the flying time, the functions you needed.
2.2 We will suggest the proper drones with the related parts to you and send the item list to you to check. 
2.3 Confirm the parts and the price. Finish the payment.
Note: For the industrial application drones, we can offer them in parts--You assemble it by yourself or in RTF---Ready to fly.  For the RTF, the shipping will be expensive due to the big size of the package.

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