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New Products For July

ARRIS 1104 7800KV Brushless Motor
DJI E5000 Advanced Propusion system for Agricultural Sprayer Drones
Hengli Q9XL 8318 120KV Brushless Motor for Plant Protection Drone Angriculture Drones
Hengli T10(100-10) 100KV Brushless Motor for Plant Protection Drones Multirotors

Tarot 6012 260KV Brushless Motor TL60P12 for Multi-Rotors Agriculture Drone
Tarot 6008 285KV Brushless Motor TL60P08 for Multi Rotor
Tarot 6015 250KV Brushless Motor TL60P15 for Multi-Rotors
Tarot 5015 285KV Brushless Motor TL50P15 for Multi-Rotors

Tarot 5012 300KV Brushless Motor TL50P12 for Multi-Rotor Quad
Tarot 5010 300KV Brushless Motor TL50P10 for Multi-Rotor
T-MOTOR P80 100KV Brushless Motor for Agriculture Drones
Flycolor S-Tower 4A BHeli-S 1S Dshot ESC with F3 Flight Controller

Flycolor Raptor S-Tower 12A BHeli-S 2-3S Dshot ESC with F3 Flight Controller and OSD
Flycolor Raptor S-Tower BHeli-S 2-4S 4-in-1 30A ESC + F3 + PDB + OSD for RC FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter (Free Shipping)
Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller with M8N GPS SE100 Combo
Frsky XMF3E Built-in F3EVO and XM Receiver Module

Flycolor Flydragon V3 80A 5-12s 32bit HV ESC for Agricultural Drones
EMAX Bullet 20A BLHelis_S ESC DSHOT Available
EMAX Bullet 6A BLHelis_S ESC DSHOT Available
ARRIS 5042 3-blade Durable Propeller Blade for FPV Racing Drones (Orange)