Tarot 4 Axis 770mm RC Quadcopter Horizontal Folding Drone TL4Q770 Super Combo (Not Assembled)

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770mm size 4 axis drone frame
50 minutes hovering time
horizontal folding
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  • Tarot 4 Axis 770mm RC Quadcopter Horizontal Folding Drone TL4Q770 Super Combo (Not Assembled)
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Frequently Bought Together
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Package Includes:
1 x Tarot 770mm Quadcopter Frame TL4Q770 
4 x Tarot 4114/320KV Brushless Motor TL100B08
4 xTarot 40A TL2930 ESC 
2 pairs x Tarot 1760 17 Inches Propellers TL100D10

Tarot TL4Q770 is a 770mm wheelbase quadcopter released by Tarot recently, great for long time flight. Instead of the usual umbrella folding structure, a new horizontal folding self-locking design is adopted to this frame, which greatly improves the convenience of installation and transportation. Tarot 4 axis drone frame adopts a large storage board design, which is convenient for installing various electronic equipments. 

New pull-out battery compartment design, easy to install and take off the battery. With the shock-absorbing motor mount, it can decrease the impact of motor vibration to the flight controller. Electronic retractable landing skid with metal T-connector can strong bear frame and landing stability. With optimized configuration, the hovering time can reach 50 minutes. 

Main Features:
--Horizontal Folding Self-Locking Design
--Large Inner Space Design
--Pull-out battery compartment Design
--Shock-absorbing motor mount
--Split Retractable Landing Skid
-- Up to 50 minutes hovering time 

Item Brand: Tarot
Diagonal wheelbase: 770mm
Diamter of Center plate: 190mm
Landing Skid Clearance height: 256mm
Net Weight: 1.7kg
Motor Installation hole: Diagonal 16mm; Diagonal 19mm, Symmetrical Φ25; Equilateral triangle Φ25; 


Tarot 4114 320KV Brushless Motor TL100B08 for multicopter

Outer diameter: 46mm
Stator diameter: 41mm
Stator thickness: 14mm
Stator number: 24N
Magnet Poles: 22P
Wire diameter: 0.31mm
Motor KV: 320RPM/Volt
22.2V No-load current: 0.5Amps
Resistance: 126m§Ù
Weight: 148g
Gear shaft diameter:¡Ë4.0 mm
Motor length: 32mm
Motor shaft length: 37mm

Tarot XRotor-Pro-40A TL2930 ESC Specifications:
Input Voltage:3-6S
Con. Current: 40A
Max. Current (10s): 50A
Dimension: 65*20*9.8mm 
Suitable for: Quadcopters, Hexacopter and other Drones

Tarot 1760 17 Inches High Efficient Folding Propeller w/Bracket (CW/CCW) TL100D10

The latest Tarot 1760 high-efficiency 17 inches folding propellers use a new optimized airfoil design and high-strength engineering materials to ensure good flexibility and wing stability, achieving over 10% efficiency gain and ample power reserve. Suitable for multi-axis multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles such as four-axis and six-axis. The mold was made by the Swiss MIKRON five-axis machining center.


Total length: 207mm
Diamete: 17 inches
Weight: 23g/pcs
Center Hole Diameter: 3.0mm
Mounting Thickness: 5.35mm

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