Steam Armor 700 V3 RC Helicopter Frame Kit

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  • Steam Armor 700 V3 RC Helicopter Frame Kit
  • Steam Armor 700 V3 RC Helicopter Frame Kit
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Steam Armor 700 V3 is an upgrade version on the basis of consulting the suggestions of many senior players. For the Steam V3 helicopter, the color of the canopy is optional, the gear ratio is optional too when you place the order. Since it is customize, processing time takes longer than usual. 

Item Model: Steam 700 V3.0
Length: 1340mm
Height: 370mm
Main blade length: 690-710mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 182-183mm
Motor Drive Gear: 12T; 13T; 14T
Main Drive Gear: 125T; 127T; 129T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 95T
Tail Drive Gear: 19T; 20T
Weight (Frame kit only): about 1880g
Weight (Frame kit with propeller only): about 2290g
Package Size: 870x240x95mm

Steam Armor 700 adopts the classic design of its predecessors that combines structural strength and aesthetics --lower main rotor height, which makes the helicopter's power more concentrated around the center of gravity, improving the helicopter's sensitivity and responsiveness.

The armored hood with a modular, split design can be quickly opened during commissioning and maintenance. It has a good streamlined aerodynamic appearance and energy absorption and collapse effect; it is of great help to the heat dissipation and protection of electronic equipment; the multi-piece combination armor design has extremely low cost loss; Chinese culture stickers, all provide good recognition and beauty in the air.

The main rotor fixing seat adopts a gorgeous two-color marking direction, and it is not easy to recognize the wrong direction when adjusting the length of the pull rod. T-shaped oblique support reinforced structure, two-way locking firmly holds the main shaft to meet the strict flight load-bearing requirements and effectively improve flight stability. Ball head buckle with stainless steel explosion-proof ring to prevent cracking during violent flight.
The two main rotor clip arms correspond to different flying feel, so that pilots of different levels can adapt to the precision of the control.

The high-precision injection-molded horizontal axis positioning rubber ring is installed with a double-layer polyurethane rubber ring with a hardness of 95°, coupled with a specially designed horizontal rubber washer, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the rotor part and bring about a swinging hinge effect. Strict flight load requirements.

The sturdy outer disc of the swashplate also uses double row angular contact bearings to meet the load requirements of the current mainframe for the swashplate, and the inner disc uses high-precision fisheye bearings. All ball head threads are increased to 3.0mm to avoid the problem of easy slippage of small-sized threads.
The unique Steam 700 long ball head design enlarges the diameter of the ball to 5.8MM, and specially customizes the large-size 5.8MM ball head buckle, which avoids the interference between the ball head and the ball head buckle of most helicopters in the market.
The Φ15MM laser ruler spindle with an accuracy of Φ14.990MM, not only facilitates visual positioning when installing the main teeth of the synchronizing wheel, but also enables the spindle fixing ring to have better frictional fixation.
The Steam 700 continue to use the integrated main shaft bearing seat design to ensure concentricity and reduce the vibration of the helicopter body. The upper and lower bearing positions continue to use angular contact bearings.

The Steam 700 helicopter comes with suspended swash plate guide design,all equipment wiring is protected.

One of the main differences of the Steam 700 helicopter is that it has 125T/127T/129T/ three versions of main drive gear and 12T/13T/14T three versions of motor gear. It can form more dense transmission ratio parameters within the effective gear ratio range, better correspond to motors with different KV values, and fully squeeze out all the performance of the motor.

Steam 700 V3 uses a new type of sheet, the compressive strength is increased by about 5%, and the weight can be 20% lighter than pure carbon fiber. But the material is too expensive, so we only standardize it on the battery board and some places, and the new fuselage side panels need to be purchased separately.

The upper and lower fuselage parts are connected by metal block mortise-and-mortise modular components. The two-way embedded design can be fixed with only two screws, which is stable as a rock. 8mm diameter carbon fiber tube tail support assembly, T-shaped thick structure, multiple tenon and mortise design, firmly lock the tail tube, effectively improve flight stability and tail locking effect.

One-piece chute battery plate and one-piece integrated motor mount, both bring a lighter, more reasonable structure.

Frame Included:
Steam 700 V3.0 RC Helicopter Frame Kit x 1

Frame with Blade Combo:
Steam 700 V3.0 RC Helicopter Frame Kit x 1
Main Balde x 1
Tail Blade x 1  
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