Flycolor Raptor 5 BL-32 50A 2-6S Dshot Brushless ESC for RC Multi-Rotor Drones

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  • Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 50A 2-6S Dshot Brushless ESC for RC Drones
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The upgrading of FPV racing drones is so rapid that no one has ever expected. FPV racing drone ESC entered 32-bit generation in this year. Boosted by the demand of some top pilots for big power, the continuous current of one single ESC has exceeded 40A. At this moment, Flycolor officially releases 32-bit 50A ESC RAPTOR BL-32. It’s so far the strongest current in FPV racing drones industry. From now on racing drone fans don’t need to worry that the ESCs get burnt in flight and enjoy the high speed experience brought by the racing.

The RAPTOR BL-32 works perfectly at continuous current 45A under voltage of 24V(6S). The video only shows 5 minutes but the BL-32 can work for very long time.

From the second video, when the battery voltage was 24V (6S), the maximum current was up to 68A. The motor eventually burnt out when the continuous current exceeded 60A for more than 10 seconds. But the raptor ESC still worked. It’s obvious that the capability of withstanding current of BL-32 50A is extraordinary. (P.S. When the motor is burnt out, if the circuit is shorted out it can damage the ESC as well.But if the circuit is cut off, it won’t damage the ESC

The PCB size of raptor BL-32 50A is 33x16x6mm. And it weighs only 10g. It adopts ARM 32-bit Cortex MCU and it’s supported by BLHeli_32 firmware.

1.PMW128K/High performance MCU,ARM 32-bit Cortex MCU STM32G071,Frequency up to 64MHZ,25% higher than the previous generation of MCU;
2.All Dshot and proshot signals are supported;
3.High RPM,BLheli-S firmware is designed for superior performance in multirotors and uses hardware generated motor pwm for smooth throttle response and silent operation;
4.Multiple support,supports regular 1-2ms pulse width input,as well as Oneshot125(125-250us).Oneshot 42(41.7-83.3us) and Multshot(5-25us).The input signal is automatically detected by the ESC upon power up;
5.More stable,the solicone twisted-pair of the throttle signalcable increase the service lice and effectively reduces the crosstalk caused by signal transmission,and makes flight more stable;

Con. Current:50A
Burst Current (10S):60A
LiPo cells:3-6S
Typical Applications:170-450mm Multi
Firmware: Flycolor_X_Cross_BL_32_Multi firmware

Package Included:
Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 50A Brushless ESC x 1

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