• ARRIS G06 4 AXIS 6L UAV Agricultural Spraying Drone Farm Sprayer JIYI K3A Pro FC X6 Power Combo
  • ARRIS G06 4 AXIS 6L UAV Agricultural Spraying Drone Farm Sprayer JIYI K3A Pro FC X6 Power Combo

ARRIS G06 4 AXIS 6L UAV Agricultural Spraying Drone Farm Sprayer JIYI K3A Pro FC X6 Power Combo

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4 Axis 6L agriculture drone
3.5 to 4.5 meters spreading width
Small in size, easy to travel
Modular design, easy to maintain
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  • ARRIS G06 4 AXIS 6L UAV Agricultural Spraying Drone Farm Sprayer JIYI K3A Pro FC X6 Power Combo
  • Description
Note: This combo comes with everything you needed to make it to fly. But it is not assembled, you need to assemble and tune the setting by yourselves. 
We suggest you get one or two extra batteries. 

ARRIS G06 agriculture drone is specially designed for lightweight operation needs. The effective capacity of the drone is 6L. It adopts a quick-release medicine box and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold. Radar and FPV cameras are the first choice for entry-level plant protection drones, there reserved installation space for them on the G06.


g06 6l agriculture drone

Item Model: G06 6L Agriculture Spraying Drone
Diagonal wheelbase: 1172mm
Size: 1580x1270x475mm
Folded Size: 605x640x475mm
Arm Diameter: 30mm
Effective Capacity: 6L
Frame Weight: 4.8kg
Frame+Spraying System Weight: 5.8kg
Frame+Power System Weight: 8.8kg
No-Load take-off weight: 11.4kg (battery weight 2.6kg is included)
Max take-off weight: 17.4kg
No-load flight Time: 17minutes (42.8V)
Full-Load flight time: 8.5 minutes (42.8V)
Spreading Width: 3.5m to 4.5m

Note: The above statistics is tested with hobbywing x6 power system, Jiyi K3a pro flight controller and Okcell 12s 8000mah battery.

Main Features:
3-Section Compact Body Design

G06 6L agriculture drone adopts 3-section compact body design: front section is flight controller, middle section is water tank and the back section is the battery. The structure is exquisite and nice looking.

g06 ag drone frame kit

Rectangular Layout Scheme
G06 6L agriculture drone adopts flat rectangular layout plan, the arm is extended to both sides to extend the nozzle spacing to the maximum extent, and thus extended the spray width. The diagonal wheelbase of the G06 is 1172mm, almost the same spray width as the E410.

g06 drone

Quick Release Tank + Battery
G06 6L agriculture spraying drone adopts quick release water tank and battery design. With this design, you can realize quick medicine change, battery change, easy operation, saving time and effort.

g06 agriculture drone

Modular Design
G06 drone frame adopts modular design, each part can quick taking apart and change, convenient to maintenance.

g06 drone

Ultra-Small Body, Fast Folding
G06 agriculture drone has ultra small body, and folding is easy. The folded size is about 640x605x475mm, super convenient to transport.


Extension Rod with Dual nozzle is optional


Terrain Radar installation space is reserved

G06 drone reserved space for FPV camera. You can install it according to your own requirements.

G06 drone

X6 Power System for Agricultural Drones 

The Hobbywing X6 propulsion system, which integrates motor, ESC, propeller and motor mount together, is easy to mount and use.


Main Features:
--FOC-based PMSM Algorithm Perfect Propulsion System

--High-brightness LED Indicator

--High Thrust & Efficiency Propeller

--Super Impact Resistance

JIYI K3A Pro Flight Controller for agriculture drones
JIYI K3-A Pro flight control is specially designed for agricultural sprayer drones. It has a variety of modes and exclusive functions for agriculture sprayer drones. It supports manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous flight. It can monitor drug flow in real time and intelligently match the spray volume to achieve precise UAV pesticide spraying . Equipped with professional App ground control station, it is efficient and easy to operate.

For the user manual and other support about the Jiyi K3A Pro flight controller, you can check here https://support.jiyiuav.com/


Main Features
Diverse Operating Mode for a variety of operating environments
K3-A Pro built-in fixed height mode, GPS - speed mode and other operating modes, easy to operate, flexible switching, free to change operating modes according to different operating environments, to meet the needs of agriculture spraying requirement.


Stable and Reliable Performance
K3-A Pro is a new upgraded version of K3-A, the best-selling king of flight control in the last three years. The reliability and stability of K3-A Pro have been further improved and optimized on the basis of the original K3-A flight control. The products cover the drone users in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania and other countries. In 2017 and 2018, K3A get the recognition of 70% of the agriculture sprayer drone manufacturers in China.

Equipped with exclusive agricultural App ground station, precise and convenient control
Personalized app tailored for agricultural sprayer drones, it can provide arbitrary polygon route for unregulated terrain, autonomous operation and improve work efficiency. It has a route memory function and can calculate the spray area, which helps the operator to grasp the dosage more accurately.

Package Included:
G06 Frame Kit with water tank x 1
Spraying system x 1 
Hobbywing X6 Power System x 4 (2CW+2CCW)
JiYi K3A Pro flight controller with GPS x 1
Skydroid T10/ Skydroid T12/ Skydroid H12/Siyi MK15 x 1 (Optional)

OKCELL 12S 8000mah Battery x 1
SKYRC PC1500 12S Battery Charger x 1 

Note: The combo comes with everything you needed, but they are not assembled. You need to assemble and tune the drone by yourself.  
Due to the battery in the parcel, shipping time will be longer and you will receiver 2 or 3 shipments for this order.


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