ARRIS Falcon Series BLHeli 20A 2-4S OPTO Brushless ESC

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  • ARRIS Falcon Series BLHeli 20A 2-4S OPTO Brushless ESC
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These Falcon series ESC is specially developed for multirotor aircrafts. The use of high performance MCU processor gives a smooth, linear and precise response. The Falcon 20A brushless ESC keeps the weight down and comes in a small package but it still has top quality. With low resistance IC, the Falcon 20A can produce little heat and give more efficiency. Firmware utilizing Oneshot125 communication protocol, which makes it to be very fast and responsive to throttle movements. Easy upgrading and downgrading firmware is a simple process through the BLHeli Suite.

Specially made for racing drones.
Mini sized! Original non-polarity CC makes it smaller and easy to build.
Light in weight, only 9.6g including cables, much lighter than the similar products.
F330 main control chip, imported top quality Mos and 3-in-1 driving IC, gives top throttle response, and free operation without any delay.
Support Damped Light, for fast deceleration and short brake, active continuation technique with low consumption and longer endurance.
Support Oneshot125 and max 500Hz with normal throttle signal. Compatible with all flight controllers available in the market.
Supporting 4S battery makes it be more swift and violent, suitable for players with requirement for flying 3D.
Use BLHeli open-source firmware, can update the firmware or write setup via signal cable; Also can change "Damped light" mode via signal cable with using BLHeli firmware, it improves the throttle response, when reducing the throttle amount, the motors slow down rapidly. It strengthens the stability and flexibility of multi-rotor, quite suitable for QAVs.
The twisted-pair of the throttle signal cable effectively reduces the crosstalk caused by signal transmission and makes flight more stable.

Input: 2-4S lipo 
Constant Current: 20A
Burst Current (10S): 30A
BEC: No BEC, OPTO only
Dimensions: 27x12x5mm
Weight: 9.6g (with wires)
Use for¡G 170-330 Multicopters

Package Includes: 
1 x ARRIS Falcon 20A BLHeli Brushless ESC (Version A, with Soldering Board for Directly Assembling)

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